I am experienced in creative, live action production. I specialize in delivering smooth shoots on time and on budget - while facilitating an environment of respect and communication from clients to production assistants. Hands on management of all project phases from ideation to budgeting to physical production to final delivery.

Expert at setting, managing and outlining key project milestones, creative and technical goals in support of product and creative initiatives across multiple departments and teams. I am a strong team leader with the ability to take and issue direction quickly and prioritize numerous simultaneous projects at any given time. I am a self-motivated producer who practices skillful and effective communication and delegation.

Confidently manage multiple projects and teams, owning schedules, implementing processes, workflows and interfacing with internal and external teams including vendors, talent, unions, permits, locations and stakeholders. Demonstrated success in managing project workflow, identifying and solving competing priorities, and analyze schedules to streamline processes with the ability to operate independently and autonomously.

Includes final deliveries to spec ensuring each project meets all technical, trafficking and delivery requirements. Hands on oversight for end-to-end project management including concise budget and project tracking from creative ideation to the final project delivery. This includes budget creation, day-to-day projections and real-time accounting actualizations. Confidently select and manage outside vendors and produce and edit accounting documents and contracts including PO’s and SOWs. Experience working with legal and contract departments both internally and externally. 



·      Collaborate with creative teams and stakeholders across multiple cross-functional departments to determine the best production approach while maintaining the creative and fiscal integrity of the project

·      Serve as the central contact point for any/all agencies, clients, directors, creative directors and all other production and creative personnel

·      Assist with the development of project management briefs and production timelines for internal and production/client

·      Create detailed budget estimates and determine appropriate revenue projection, ensure accurate invoicing and account reconciliation

·      Secure talent, gear, supplies, locations, vendors, and process all union paperwork as needed

·      Track timelines and expenses to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget with all transactions provided in an organized binder after all business has been completed for the project

·      Expert location scouter – in depth knowledge of film friendliest cities/areas including state owned properties to minimize film permits; identifying and securing basecamp, parking near shoot location, etc.

·      Solid vendor relationships of 7+ years

·      Work with clients and internal creative teams to develop presentations and/or project recaps

·      Responsible for end-to-end project development and deployment

·      Anticipate bottlenecks and provide escalation management, while anticipating and making negotiations to balance business needs against creative and production constraints

·       Develop, monitor, and adjust project schedules to meet desired production targets and launch dates

·       Keep informed of design and production technologies, tools, best practices, new digital processes to encourage internal growth and development


• Write and design treatments, pitches (RFP's), presentations, instructions, summaries of communications, and scripted as well as marketing/advertising content as needed

• Create accurate budgets and schedules per project

• Source, hire and oversee key positions, crew, vendors, rentals and returns

• Ensure and maintain union guidelines

• Oversee contracts/ agreements, deal memos, licenses; identify any questionable areas

• Issue insurance certifications and ensure that COI's are accurate

• Process all invoices and PO's

• Identify and resolve issues before they become an emergency

• Negotiate rates

• Coordinate day-to-day content production activity to ensure on time, flawless execution

• Ensure production and post plans that are in line with the proposed schedules and budgets and flag potential issues and overages

• Navigate somewhat uncertain situations, identify and solve problems, and know when to shift or scale direction to keep the project moving forward

• Create and maintain a pleasant, professional working environment

• Experience managing, tracking and communicating results across departments in support of the overall business goals

• Coordinate all travel and communication


• Proficient in Basecamp, Asana, Active Collab, Google Drive/ Docs, Shotgun, Microsoft Excel/ Word, Powerpoint, and AICP bidding formats, Hot Budget, and Movie Magic
• Live action line production
• Excellent leadership skills, strong technical expertise, and hands-on project management skills
• Excellent written and verbal interpersonal communication with creative team members, design leads, and senior leadership
• Production pipeline management experience from pre-vis through delivery

• Produce audio mix, VO including casting, stock music and creation of original scores

• Writing creative, ad-based copy with the ability to work within a client’s creative brand and target specifications

• Expert in crafting pitches that include accurate budgets, milestone schedules, enticing descriptions outlining creative and technical elements, and eye catching visuals to accompany concept outline

• Background experience includes project management and database admin work for #1 Fortune 500 tech companies such as Cisco Systems, TEAC, and Sun Microsystems



·      Produced 8 feature length films with budgets ranging from $200,000 to $2.5 million

·      Produced / Written 14 segments for Sesame Street on HBO

·      Produced 4 high-end music videos for Oasis alum Noel Gallagher

·      Produced an entire season as well as several pilot episodes of various webseries content

·      Written/Produced commercials for brands such as Adidas, Samsung, Moët & Chandon, Asics, Campari, and two campaigns for JCPenney.